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2022 Lesson Plans

Three Gaits is planning for a full and safe year of lessons with eight working horses, responsive COVID-19 health policies, and six, 6-week terms of lessons. Registration for lessons will be available for students who have returned all required forms and had an assessment completed in 2022. Upcoming terms include:

  • Term 3 (June 5 – July 23)
  • Term 4 (Aug. 8 – Sept. 24)
  • Term 5 (Oct. 9 – Nov. 19)
  • Term 6 (Nov. 27 – Dec. 17).

We continue to monitor public health guidelines and practices to respond to the phases of COVID-19. We will follow safety guidelines and all staff, volunteers and visitors will wear masks to keep everyone healthy and safe! Riders may remove their masks once in the saddle or if they have other situations that preclude wearing a mask.

What should you do to get ready for lessons?

Every year, all students must fully complete the enrollment forms (below) and send them to Three Gaits. Do complete them fully; you won’t be in the queue until they are complete. We’ll email you to schedule the assessment and start the registration process.

Program Descriptions

  1. Therapeutic Riding (Sport/Recreational) – Incorporates education, competition, therapy and recreation activities into horseback riding, with lessons focused on helping riders achieve self/family-determined goals. Therapeutic riding lessons are conducted by PATH International certified therapeutic riding instructors who are specially trained in working with people with disabilities. While there is an inherent therapeutic value in horseback riding, therapeutic riding lessons focus on teaching riding skills for recreational purposes.
  2. Un-Mounted Horsemanship Activities –  Students work with horses from the ground to learn about safe handling, proper horse care and horse behavior.
  3. Occupational Therapy (also known as hippotherapy) – A therapist uses the movement of the horse as a treatment tool, working toward functional goals.  

How to Join Our Program

For 2022, all students (returning and new) must participate in an assessment before starting lessons. Please complete and return all three forms below. Three Gaits staff will review the forms and contact the student, family or guardian for an initial conversation before scheduling the assessment to determine appropriateness for equine assisted therapy or activity.

All students must complete these two forms:

  1. annual student enrollment packet
  2. annual medical history physician statement form.

Download and complete these forms and return them by email (scanned) to info@three-gaits.org, fax (608-873-1929) or mail them to:
Program Lead
Three Gaits Inc.
PO Box 153
Oregon, WI 53575.

Program Fees

Three Gaits conducts additional fund raising to reduce participant costs for lessons.

  • Assessment 
    All new students must have an assessment prior to starting lessons. The usual and customary fee is $70.59. Discounted rate for self-payment by cash or check prior to the assessment is $60.00. We reserve the right to ask for an additional assessment for clients who have taken a one-year break from our program and wish to return.
  • Therapeutic Riding and Unmounted Activities Fees for a 6-weeks Lesson Term
    Usual & customary Fees:
    30 minute lessons – $423.54     45 minute lessons – $635.28.
    Self-pay payment-in-full discount cash or check only:
    30 minute lessons – $360.00     45 minute lessons – $540.00.
    Payment must be received in full the Friday before the start of each lesson term. No discounts for third party funding.
  • Payments by credit card or via PayPal will incur an additional 3% fee.

Financial Assistance

Limited funds have been donated to assist in cases of financial need. To apply, please complete and return the Three Gaits Financial Assistance Application before the session registration deadline.

Absence Policy

Consideration for Three Gaits volunteers and staff is appreciated. Please call the office at (608) 877-9086 as soon as possible if you know you will miss class.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given if student is unable to participate in the term for which they have registered and Three Gaits is notified prior to the start of the term.

Refunds will be given if student withdraws for the remainder of the term due to medical necessity (broken bones, hospitalization, etc.) with written notification from student’s medical provider.

NO REFUNDS OR MAKEUPS for vacations, temporary illness, or unanticipated circumstances. 

Student/family is financially responsible for amounts not authorized or paid for by third party billing sources due to vacations, temporary illness or unanticipated circumstances.

Credit or refund will be applied to student’s account when Three Gaits cancels lessons or terms. Credits must be used by end of following calendar year, e.g. credits from 2022 must be used by end of 2023. Credits may be donated to Three Gaits Scholarship Fund.

Cancellation by Three Gaits

The safety and good health of students and horses are the most important concerns of Three Gaits. Class will not be held during the following conditions:

  1. Temperature extremes
  2. High winds
  3. Thunderstorms or tornado warnings

Please check the email address you provided to us for a cancellation notice. You may also call the office at 608-877-9086 before 3 pm if weather is uncertain. Leave a message in case we’re in the barn and we’ll get right back to you!

Clothing Requirements

  • A safety helmet (ATSM-SEI approved) must be worn and is provided.
  • Long pants that are not slippery fabric.
  • Protective sun screen, sun glasses and insect repellant as needed.
  • Shoes with sturdy heels (oxfords, riding boots) or non-slip soles are recommended.
  • No sandals, Crocs, clogs, open-toed or open-heeled shoes.

Three Gaits Annual Report

Three Gaits is a Premier Accredited Center of PATH International
Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International