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Scheduling an Assessment

New students and those returning after a year or longer break from lessons at Three Gaits must participate in an assessment before starting lessons to assure safety and help determine horse and class fit.

For the remainder of 2022, Three Gaits will not be offering assessments due to the current waitlist. We don’t want to disappoint you with an even longer wait! Please check back in January 2023 to see the progress and when assessments will be scheduled again.

To start the assessment process, please complete and return all three forms below. Three Gaits staff will review the forms and contact the student, family or guardian for an initial conversation before scheduling the assessment to determine appropriateness for equine assisted therapy or activity.

All students must complete and return these three forms:

  1. annual student enrollment packet, and
  2. annual medical history physician statement form.

**Please note** ALL forms MUST be completed for an assessment to be scheduled and conducted, including a signed Medical History & Physician’s Statement.

If cost prohibits you from applying, please contact us by phone 608-877-9086 or email.

Clothing Requirements

On the day of your assessment, please wear proper clothing for the weather. Assessments take place in the indoor area, which is not heated or air conditioned. Pants made of non-slippery fabric and tennis shoes or boots are recommended. Sandals, Crocs or open shoes of any sort are not permitted. Clients arriving without the proper attire will not be assessed, and the fee will not be refunded.

Need more info?

Please contact us by email or phone at 608-877-9086.