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Make a difference in someone's life - Volunteer!

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Something for Everyone

Whether you are putting your skills to good use or are interested in learning something new, your support will help our students thrive and grow.


How to Become a Volunteer

Step One:  Read about volunteer opportunities to participate in lessons, in our barn and around the farm to decide how you'd like to get involved.

Step Two:  Decide whether your schedule allows for a consistent, weekly commitment or if you would like to become involved in projects or as a substitute as your schedule allows.

Step Three:  Fill out the Volunteer Application Form 

Step Four: Email your completed form to or by mail to 3741 State Road 138, Stoughton, WI 53589

Step Five: Attend a volunteer orientation and sign up to volunteer!

Volunteer Roles and Opportunities

Like people and horses? Lessons are for you!

In addition to our therapists, instructors, and horses, our riders depend on our volunteers to help get their horse ready for their lesson, lead their horse during lessons, and to walk beside them to provide physical support and encouragement.  Volunteers do not need prior experience working with horses or people with disabilities.  Our trained staff will provide you with all the support you need to help our students achieve their goals!  All we ask is that you can walk for 45 minutes at a time, jog a short distance, have sufficient strength to support a child or adult, and a kind and compassionate character!

Our riders enjoy getting to know the volunteers in their lessons, so ideally your schedule would allow you to commit to multiple lessons in each lesson term.

Benefits:  Share in our students’ successes, meet new people, get your steps in, and use and expand your horse handling skills.

Have experience with horses? Horse and Barn Chores are for you!

Our barn is comprised of our amazing program horses and a few lucky boarded horses, all with a calm, easy-going personality.  Experience with horses, ability to work in a positive, team environment, ability to lift 50 pounds, and a willingness to adapt to the Three Gaits way are requirements.

Benefits:   Provide the foundation for our programs, be active, spend time around horses, and become a part of a friendly team.

Main roles include: 

  • Turn-out in the morning, turn-in at night and close the barn replenishing hay and water.
  • Setting up feed and water. 
  • Cleaning stalls.
  • Caring for tack and horse equipment.

Like to fix things or take care of a farm? Facility Care and Projects are for you!

Pastures and farms always need attention, and we welcome the help of our community! Experience with tractors, yard equipment, and power tools are ideal, but not necessary.

Examples of tasks

  • Fence line maintenance.
  • Yard and pasture care. 
  • Repair and building projects of all kinds. 
  • Spring and fall clean ups.
  • Indoor and outdoor arena maintenance 

Benefits:   Spend time outdoors, see the benefits of your work firsthand, be a part of a fun team, and know that your support allows our programs to thrive! 

And last, but never least – Join a Committee! 

As a board-guided organization, we count on talented people to help with strategy, event planning, and policy development. Your support allows our small staff to stay focused on growing our programs and ensuring we are working to the best of our abilities!

  • Program Development Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Event Planning & Development
  • Volunteer Committee
  • Facility Committee

So, let's get started!

Click to complete your Volunteer Application form.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Ashley Haggard, at 608-877-9086 or with any questions about volunteering.