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Horse Sponsorship

Many of the remarkable accomplishments of our riders would not be possible without our special equine partners. Did you know that it costs over $7,000 a year for the care and keeping of each of our horses? They get fed grain and hay twice a day, have fresh bedding in their stalls ever day, receive semi-annual vet visits for routine care, get their feet trimmed (and some horses need shoes) every 8 weeks, and  usually someone needs something a little unique – vitamins, a blanket or special tack.

When you sponsor a horse for the year – fully or partially – with your tax deductible donation, you assure that a healthy and well-cared for partner is ready for our students. Sponsors may include individuals, families, corporations or service organizations. A full sponsorship is $3,000 per year and a co-sponsor contributes $1,500 per year. In return, sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition with your sponsored horse’s biography on Three Gaits website
  • Recognition on your sponsored horse’s stall door
  • A tax deductible donation receipt

Horse sponsorships are added to the funds set aside exclusively for the care of our program horses.*

2023 Horse Sponsors:

We are grateful to the following horse sponsors:

  • Clara:
    • Rob & Mary Gooze (full sponsor)
  • Knox:
    • Anonymous (full sponsor)
  • Ariel:
    • Kari Rosenbaum (full sponsor)
  • Tiana:
    • Beverly D. Dusso (full sponsor)
  • Cheyenne:
    • Wisconsin Horse Council – Region 4 (full sponsor)
  • Chai:
    • Darcy Lalimo & Family (full sponsor)
  • Tru
    • Needs a sponsor
  • Dillon:
    • Vicki Russell (full sponsor)
  • Merlin
    • Anonymous (full sponsor)


If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our horses, please complete this sponsorship form. if you have questions or would like to tour the Three Gaits facilities, please contact Three Gaits at (608) 877-9086 or info@three-gaits.org.

Your sponsorship gift will go a long way toward continuing
to make Three Gaits a great home for our horses!

* Occasionally, a horse may retire or be excluded from the program. If this happens, or another significant change in the status of the horse occurs, the sponsor will be notified and another horse selected for the sponsor.