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Our mission is to provide equine-assisted activities and therapies that enhance the lives of people with physical, emotional and/or intellectual challenges.

Every day at Three Gaits, a mom or a dad, even grandma, call to share the story of a family member who could benefit from Three Gaits’ services. We’re delighted that so many people – health professionals, educators, family members – recognize the unique benefit therapeutic riding and occupational therapy on a horse offer to achieve goals for strength, communication and self-confidence at home, school, work and community.

There are so many interested people that our wait list is 18 months long. This coming year, we are committed to growing our ability to say “yes,” we have a horse for you!

Will You Help Us Make a Difference in The Lives of Children and Adults with Disabilities?  Your Generous Support Will Help Three Gaits Expand Programming, Add to our Herd, Shorten Our Wait List, and Provide Scholarships to Those in Need.

Together, we can continue to provide a positive outlet to enable our community to make physical and emotional strides using Therapeutic Riding.

Every Donation Helps Make a Difference